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The Japanese cultured pearl

The Japanese cultured pearl is the culmination of the highest standards of cultivation and processing techniquesthat Japanese artisans have developed and handed down for generations.
Perfectly spherical and characterised by its brilliant shine and color, it is the product of a synthesis of a balanced oceanic climate and extreme human attention.

In the first year Akoya oysters

It takes nearly four years to cultivate pearls. In the first year Akoya oysters are carefully grown to a size sufficient for pearl cultivation. The heart of the pearl, or the nucleus, is subsequently prepared.  Skilled workers choose a portion from the mantle (the outer organ) of retired oysters that had previously produced quality pearls and combine the mantle with a parasite to form a nucleus (the irritant) before painstakingly inserting the nuclei into the shells one by one.

During the winter months

The oysters are then released back into the sea during the winter months where the secretion of nacre over the nuclei begins the pearl formation. The colder the temperature of the water, the slower the process of the pearl formation, however the stronger the layers of the nacre which vastly improves the colour and lustre of the pearl.

The pampering of the oysters

The pampering of the oysters adds another layer of complexity to the prolonged pearl formation process. The water cannot be too cold for the living oysters so during the extreme winter months,farmers move them to warmer seas, constantly cleaning the shells of algae and barnacles to prevent other irritants from entering.
The waves have to be mild and gentle, the plants nutritious and sufficient for the hungry oysters, the surroundings clean.

When the pearls are ready for harvesting

When the pearls are ready for harvesting, the laborious processing phase begins. Pearls are extracted one by one from the shells and undergo multiple rounds of polishing and sorting under the meticulous scrutiny of skilled workers. The focused and assiduous attention of the workers is critical in achieving the perfect assortment of pearls – categorised by shape, size (in exact millimetres), colour, nacre thickness, lustre.

Such is the intensity and complexity of the pearl production process which is reflected in the prized quality of the product. The uniformity, consistency and brilliance of the Akoya cultured pearl is only achievable through the sincerity, rigour and exacting standards of the Japanese artisans.

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