About ayu pearl

Yasuyo Ayukawa, who is Ayu Pearl’s founder and designer, portrays a visual idiom of herself through her designs – mysterious, culture-crossing, the modern oriental. A former banker with a Political Science degree, she left Japan for London where she relived her passion for jewellery and gemstones and worked tirelessly towards the prestigious FGA (Fellows of Gemmological Association of Great Britain) and DGA (Diamond Member of Gemmological Association) international qualifications.

Yasuyo has since rooted herself in Singapore where the city’s cultural pluralism combined with a strong Asian heritage continues to be a constant inspiration for her aesthetics. Her steadfast interest and belief in the female appearance sees her silently observing the everyday woman on the streets, “Every woman has hidden beauty in her, this is brought out by wearing the correct design and material.”

Departing from her previous brand and collection YOYO Jewellery Design which features jade in powerful, elaborate designs incorporating oriental motifs combined with a darker palette, AYU Pearl opts for modern simplicity to showcase the beauty of the Japanese pearl.

Yasuyo’s singular emphasis on the allure of the pearl is a creative extension of her narrative on the woman’s inner beauty. The pearl is a powerful, instinctive, playful material that any woman can wear any day, on any occasion, and always look special.